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Quest Asset Management, Inc. About Us

About Us

Quest Asset Management, Inc. and its affiliates own or manage approximately 3,000 housing units throughout Texas. We are a full service property management firm specializing in multifamily and senior developments with a strong background in tax credit developments. We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout the State of Texas. Our property locations range from Midland to Tyler, Beaumont to Paris, as well as major metropolitan areas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio. Additionally, we have over 25 years of development and construction experience in the industry, giving us another area of service we can offer to our clients that most management companies cannot. Our reputation for excellence has been accomplished through a hands-on team effort approach. We utilize the latest in computer software and have developed many proven management systems over time. Our average portfolio occupancy is consistently above 97%.

Quest Asset Management, Inc. is continually investing in the training of our staff to keep them up to date on the latest TAA & TDHCA changes and trends. For instance, we send our leasing staff to professionally sponsored leasing classes to maximize lease closings and attain higher occupancy for each property. Additionally, our staff attends annual Fair Housing classes to ensure we are operating in accordance with the law. Our maintenance teams attend classes to further their training and knowledge of property related maintenance issues as well as recertifications for pool and HVAC maintenance. We also have an experienced team on staff expertly trained in compliance of low-income housing tax credit developments and Bond financed properties. Over the years, our experiences have enabled us to increase occupancy, effectively implement cost controls, monitor preventative maintenance, successfully network vendors, mitigate liabilities and operate each property at its highest level of efficiency.

Our Core Values